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Mr. Albert Ocrane

 Albert Ocrane is an international motivational speaker, author, and minister. He is  the Executive Pastor of Christ Temple of the international Central Gospel Church.(ICGC).

Albert and his wife Comfort are highly respected authors with Twenty-One best selling books already published. He presents

the motivational radio seminar Springboard Show, a series of personal development conferences that reaches across Ghana and into Africa.

Rev. Albert Ocran was voted as Ghana’s 7th most respected CEO for 2009. He alos received the Millennium Excellence Award 2010 for his Inspirational and Motivational Work

Books by writer

Title Speak Like A Pro


Book cover

Brief Description

Speak Like A Pro expertly highlights the ten most common attributes or commandments of the world's best public speakers. Drawing from a rich vein of personal experiences ranging from the serious to the bizarre to humorous, the authors seek to establish that public speaking is a learnable and professionally indispensable skill.

The bonus chapter on Corporate Presentations and Professional Public Speaking is bound to be a favourite among sales professionals, corporate executives, pastors and those seeking to make a career in public speaking.