The SyTris ReadRight Campaign

SyTris Book Services is pleased to introduce to you The SyTris ReadRight Campaign. The aim of the campaign is to increase the number of children who read and improve the reading skills of children with a well structured, innovative and fun approach to reading. 

The SyTris ReadRight Campaign stresses on improving literacy as the key to raising a child’s achievement. Many children associate reading to work and as such do not find reading fun or exciting. Children who have the habit of reading tend to grow their self worth as well as their social skills, imagination and creativity. They move quickly from learning to read to reading to learn, better preparing them to be successful in life.

This is the drive of The SyTris ReadRight Campaign, where different strategies are put in place to promote this. We aim to get as many children as possible to cultivate the habit of reading through answering questions from carefully selected books, activities from the books. There would also be lovely surprises for participants, their schools and parents.